April 05, 2013

Beauties of the garden

Apart from zinnias, we've also had an amazing sunflowers season recently. Countless of them in the garden. Our front yard was filled with lots of beautiful bright sunflowers. I have created picture collages of the photos taken throughout the season and would like to share them with you here.

As much as I enjoyed them in the garden, I felt compelled to bring them indoors. They added the sense of brightness and warmth into my living room.

Sending some sunflowers to Fresh cut Friday

and  Fertilizer Friday
I hope the sunflowers will brighten up your day. Till then.....


  1. They are beautiful ! We saw some on our walk a couple of weeks ago. But now we have dust, dust and more dust. It's really disgusting weather today. Hope things are better where you are. Tammy

  2. Oh they do brighten up my day! :) They are so lovely. I would have had to bring them in too.

    Thank you for sharing them on Fresh-Cut Friday! :)

  3. it is rainy, cold and grey here in Savannah today. Your sunflowers just brighten up my day.. hugs from your newest follower, Cherry

  4. Love the Sunflowers. They are like a ray of sunshine in the garden.

  5. Hi Suffia...nice to see beautiful flowers in your blog...making my day beautiful too!


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