January 02, 2010

Ole-ole dari Dubai

I like collecting cute lil tiny stuff like fridge magnets, bells and ceramic spoon from different countries. Whenever we go places, these are the must-buy things. I thought those kooky kamels magnets look cool so I bought 3 of them plus the other 2. Any readers interested in swapping magnets from different country? Boleh jugak...macam ni I kena kerap pegi holiday just to get the fridge magnets. Thinking of our next destination...(wink).

To my dearest friend, Ain since you are one of my blog readers, one of these is definitely yours, I hope we'll get a chance to meet up when I'm back in KL.


  1. cantiknya the fridge magnets..I got one, yang gambar 3 camels ( on the top right) given by my friend masa dia duduk kat Dubai dulu..

    You tak nak jual ke fridge magnet tu? :-)

  2. Lela, I suke collect je tak reti nak bisnes, hehehe..


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