February 22, 2010

Lost and found

This morning, while cleaning my closet, there, underneath a pile of old albums I found a small phone book which I've been keeping sejak berzaman dulu, before I got married. Patutlah tak jumpa kat situ rupanye... I somehow misplaced it and was extremely glad to find it back. Belek punye belek, couldn't believe my eyes ... I spotted a very familiar name! A name that brings back sweet memories. A very good friend of mine during the college years. My flatmate, my course mate and my lepak2 mate. The last time we met was when I was in KL for the summer holiday 5 years ago.

A small book yet so precious to me. Phonebook ni dah almost 20 years, sikit lagi boleh masuk archive.

Ok. Long story, short..I Immediately called her and thank God she is still working with the same company. We engaged in a short chat, exchanged contact numbers and all..but I was glad that I've made the initiative. It was worth a call.

Talking about friendship, my daughter, Princess K always refer to her friends as BFF or BFFL, abbreviation for Best Friend Forever and Best Friend For Life (I'm sure most of you know) but frankly I didn't know until she told me. How ketinggalan zaman I was... so back to friendship, every once in a while I would sit and share a few tips about friendship with her. Just bare in mind.., the ones that come in when others go out, are true friends. It's nice to have a few special friends in life. At this age she might not find her true friends yet but as time passes by she will eventually learn and find the meaning of true friendship. Even Paris Hilton thinks it's hard to find her new BFF, siap pergi carik kat Dubai lagi. I'm sure for someone like her, semua berebut nak jadi her BFFkan. Ummmm..anyways....

I believe everyone has one special friend during each stage of life. I still remember my childhood friend, my first best friend. How I wish I could meet her again someday.

This inspiring book was given by a special friend


  1. I think my first BFF was when I was in standard 3..being the family asker, we moved a lot so eventually lost touch with her. Then last year, after more than 20 years..met her again on Facebook! But she's up north so have not met her though..

  2. SOHO Mama, I tried to find mine on fb tapi tak jumpa, u r so lucky u managed to stay in touch with ur BFF again after so many yrs. Walaupun jauh tapi dekat di hati...

  3. ntah la, so touching la pulak bila baca your writing dlm lost n found. confirm my name tak ada dalam list tu n your address also x ada dlm my address book but you know Pat, your name, your face n our memories during our ITM days is safely save somewhere in my heart...muahhhh....

  4. A..walaupun ur name tak ade in my book but terpahat dlm hati I. I'm still lucky to have some of u dlm FB but for this particular person, tak ade contact lansung untill I found the phonebook. Thnk u for all the great memories.


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