March 11, 2010

Peace Child

Set in the mythical land of Mambica, a place 'bursting with rhythm and colour' a story about 2 rival tribes, dwelling either side of an uncrossable river, the river of a thousand songs. Invited us to a journey of their lifestyles and values and how they finally united with the birth of a Peace Child'.

A short summary of the 'Peace Child' production.


It's been quite a busy week for Princess K. After a few weeks of rehearsals, the Key stage 2 'Peace Child' production was finally staged. The production was held for 3 days which started on Monday and ended last night. She came home from the show last night with a big smile on her face. What a relief! It's finally over. Performing 3 days in a row, homework that needed to be done and after school activities sound a bit too much for her. But inspite of all these, she managed to pull herself together and did her part very well in the production.

Princess E and I went to watch it on Monday. My hubby and the Prince went last night.
That was her last performance before she moves to key stage 3 next September. She played a role as a Mum. The fact that the story was complemented by a variety of musical styles made it more interesting.

Overall, I would say the performance was smooth and very entertaining. The energetic African tribe's dance and its uplifting music with the drumbeat and everything really kept the audience awake throughout the show.


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