February 01, 2011

Garden tour

Sun shining bright after a dose of rain last night. It's a beautiful morning. Like a morning without coffee, my morning isn't complete without an early morning walk in my garden. This morning whislt wandering in my garden with a camera in my hand, enjoying the view, taking some photos and happy to share them with you here. Everything is green and blooming. It simply brings a smile on my face. This is how winter like in Doha, mild winter with temperature around 14 - 23 degree celcius, clear blue sky and flowers blooming everywhere. We are lucky enough to have a colourful winter. It sounds more like spring but here we call it winter.
Let's come and join me for a tour in my garden..

White and pink cosmos, my favorite.


4 different types of marigold.

White and pink petunias.

Charming roses.

Sun flowers in full bloom.

Lovely zinnias.

It's nice to have some fresh cut flowers on the table.

...and dried rose petals.
I guess it's the end of the tour. Hope to see you again in my next garden tour. Have a wonderful day.....

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