June 08, 2011

Pressed Flowers

I was thinking of having a "do nothing" day, then I realized that I have ton of things to do before we off for the summer holiday. First and foremost, I should start on my pressed flowers art project. I've been delaying it long enough,  it's time to get it done.
I have quite a lot of pressed flowers which I keep in an air tight container for safe keeping.
Unlike last year (when I first started pressing flowers), this time I have more than enough supply.

Pressed bougainvillea.

Pressed lobelia, aren't they sweet?

This is how my desk looks when I'm working.

Pressed pansies.

It'll be a busy week for me. Till then...

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  1. I love, love, love your pressed flowers!

  2. So sweet and delicate. Your photos are so beautiful too!

  3. Wow, your pressed flowers are so beautiful. I remember collecting and pressing flowers and leaves as a child. I really loved it.
    I'm new to your blog, but it looks so lovely and interesting. I'm going to follow you ;-)

  4. These are so pretty! Thanks for linking to Share the Love Wednesday!

  5. Lovely idea; those pansies pressed are precious little faces--I love the pretty blue flowers too.

  6. What a wonderful project. I have not press any flower for a long time. You just gave me an idea.

  7. Pat, I still simpan the one that u gave last year. Hope will get new one from u soon!

  8. I dry flowers, but haven't pressed them before. I should try. Yours sure are pretty!


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