June 22, 2011

Out & about in the garden

This morning, I was out in the garden. It was already just below 100s at around 8am. Unpleasant, but I couldn't resist the beauty outside. Zinnias and mini roses are still thriving. They look thirsty all the time and I water them twice a day, morning and afternoon. Well...they are not at  their beautiful best at this time but still. I'm so grateful for the blooms that I still have in my garden. Here are a few shots that I took..

Bee-utiful! Beesy bee early in the morning.

And I have some fresh cut flowers on my table.

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  1. Your Zinnias are beautiful and seem to be holding up well. That is some hot weather. I water twice a day but usually only in August. Right now my spring blooms are starting to fade and I need to change over to more summer flowers.

  2. i love all your bright colors1 The blooms really stand out and your photos are lovely. Jean

  3. Everything looks just fine! You would never know they are craving water. I esp love the zinnias.

  4. Thanks so much for linking up to Cottage Flora Thursday's! Your post reminded me that i planted Zinnia seeds & haven't seen them arrive yet...hummmm? xoxo, tracie

  5. Beautiful flowers! I like your small flower arrangements, especially the lilac one.


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