September 06, 2011

Tidy up!

Summer school holiday has almost come to an end. Before that, I thought it's best for the kids to get a little organized,  tidying up and getting rid of  stuff they no longer use.
So....declutter  it is.
This time, I let my daughter take charge of cleaning her own room, She was in her room all by herself deciding what to keep and what to get rid off. Whenever she wasn't sure about something, she would come for my opinion. But overall she did a good job.
For that, I invited  her to be my guest writer for this entry. I know...not something that amused her :) but she agreed anyway.
This is what she wrote....

"I always make sure that my room is clean and tidy all the time. Mom won't like it, if it's messy.  I've grown  tired of the old books, papers, old figurines on my desk.  Stuff that I've collected since I was a small kid.  It's high time to get rid of these things. So I made them invisible (most of them went into 2 big garbage bags) and some I hid somewhere where no one could see OR before mom could catch a glimpse of it :D, Later, mom found out ( she's so good at this). Busted!!!! but she didn't say anything. I guess it was fine.  Although, it took me several hours to tidy up my desk I felt proud of the end result. Since I'm sharing the room with my sister, I thought I might as well clean her side too.  Normally I wouldn't bother, but I guess I was feeling a little nice that day. Hahaha.  Mom said we could have a garage sale this winter. Toys, books and lots of things, wow! Thinking of the garage sale, I'm so looking forward to it.  Hmmm....Back to you mom, I'm running out of ideas".
Garage sale sounds it's my turn to declutter  my closet. Let's see how her desk looks like.

Everything is nicely sorted out.

Books. She enjoys reading.

She has this cute things to keep her jewelleries.

Now.. her sister's side. Her favorite toys go into the toys box.

She not only cleaned the drawers, she cleaned the top of the drawer too.

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  1. Not only is your daughter great at organizing she is also a wonderful writer. Way to go Mom by letting her do these things. Love all the pink.

  2. Your daughter did a great job not only cleaning and organizing but also with her guest post!

  3. She did fantastic! It looks very tidy. Thank you for sharing it with Home Sweet Home!

  4. Thank you so much for stopping by Concetta's Cafe! I loved your organizational post - just wonderful!
    Have a great day!


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