December 30, 2011

Just jars

Inspired by all the amazing ideas in blogland,  I've recently started collecting jars. Different shapes and sizes of jars,  from jam jars, spaghetti sauce jars, cheese jars to honey jars. Since the lids are of different colors and were not to my liking. So I decided to spray paint them . I made a few lantern jars and some I keep for later use. Perhaps as storage container or as vases for my fresh cut flowers.

I used cooking oil to remove the sticky labels off  the jars.

I sprayed the lids with blue color.

And some metallic silver. I love this color more.

My lantern jars for the garden.

This would be my final "little project" for this year. Just one more day till 2012 and I'm taking this opportunity to wish all my readers,  A Happy New Year filled with joy, peace and happiness.
I'm joining these wonderful linky parties that have given so much inspiration throughout the year.


  1. Love your lantern jars for your garden! So cute!

    Happy New Year to you too!

  2. Thanks for sharing, they have come up a treat. I was just dropping by to wish you a Happy New Year and thank you for visiting my place and your special comments. I look forward to engaging more with you in 2012. Cheers SpecialK XoXo

  3. Spray-painting the lids are a great! Thanks for the idea. I have many lil things that I want to do..but sometimes I feel there's not enough hours in one day! :(

  4. I love these lantern jars. I have been scanning the web for new project ideas too. Have a great New Year! Thank you for joining me for Home Sweet Home!

  5. So simple and beautiful! Great job.


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