June 11, 2012

Dried roses and memories

Who doesn't love roses?  It is a sad fact that they will eventually fade and can no longer hold their beauty. So what do you do with the roses that you received on special days or those cut from your garden.  Don't toss them away. I love to dry and press my roses and turn them into keepsake. Simple and easy way  to keep those memories alive till the last possible.

They look charming wherever you  display them.

The colors fade and they may no longer fill the air with their sweet scent but the memories remain.
I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. Till then....

I'm off to visit Elaine at Sunny Simple Sunday.
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  1. I love roses too. I will dry mine and than put them in pretty jars. I have one that contains roses that my Daughter gave me for one of my birthdays.

  2. I love the look of dried roses. So vintage and timeless!

  3. I know how you treasure your flowers. I always hate to cut them for fear they won't last as long but I love a bouquet in the house. Roses do dry so nicely though and are lovely for a long time. Thanks so much for joining the party. Have a wonderful week. It is supposed to get hot here. Hope to do some swimming.

  4. Oh, I adore dried roses! They concentrate their scent and turn that papery texture --- LOVE them. Yours are simplu lovely :)


  5. Oh my, such lovely dried roses. You have some really nice ones. I love to do that, but my hubby does not usually give me roses, lots of pretty flowers, but not roses.
    Hugs, Cindy

  6. Soffia, faded roses are just as beautiful as fresh I think. I really like the way you have displayed them. Our roses are still blooming even though it has turned quite cold. I will enjoy them as long as I can. I have decided not to prune so early this year,until I know every last one has gone. Thank you for your visit and sweet comments. xx

  7. Your roses look beautiful dried! You must dry them before they die in the water?
    Thank you for your sweet comments on my blog, I'm now following you, too!


  8. Thank you Suffia for sharing this beautiful post with Share Your Cup. I will no longer be tossing out my faded roses. I will be featuring this on my blog today.

  9. Hi Suffia, I never seem able to dry roses so beautifully as yours. Hope all is well with you. Will you be traveling? We will be here for the summer, with a couple of short trips. I've passed the sunshine award to you. Not that we need anymore sunshine around here. It's hot! Ha! best wishes, Tammy

  10. Roses are beautiful when dried and sometimes they still have a fragrance! I saved mine from our anniversary in April and they still have a nice smell! Yours look lovely and your displays are too!


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