November 23, 2009

Eid Adha tiba lagi.

Will be celebrating Eid Adha in a few more days. To my dearest friend Miss R and her hubby, may Allah SWT grant a maqbul and mabrur Hajj, ameen. I'm thinking of what to cook on that day. What I have in mind right now is mee hoon Curry or mee Hoon soup, instant ketupat palas which I brought back from M'sia best to have it beef rendang or with chicken curry either way sounds yummy. Tengoklah kalau terlebih rajin I will invite a few close friends over or just the 5 of us. School will be closed on Wednesday for a week. Which meant I'm taking a break from driving, and giving me time to finish up my garden project. I'm almost done. I finished transferring the flowers into the pots and arranging them in my backyard and some will be put in the front yard which I haven't done yet. Tak sempat tadi.

There's another thing I have to do. I was planning to do it during the one week school break but Princess K came up to me this afternoon saying that she needed the web cam that I bought her as a birthday present to be installed by tomorrow. She's having friends coming over and do some video shoot for her school project. I bought her a web cam with one condition that she only uses it when she's online with her cousins back home. I try to install it tonight. Kenalah baca manual dulu. Kalau tak berjaya jugak pinjam jelah Daddy punye camcoder ;)

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