November 04, 2009

Nice weather

The weather is starting to cool down for the winter. Eventhough siang still panas terik but malam is very nice. It's a good time to sit in the garden perfect time to barbeque. Doha has a a very hot and arid climate. In the summer it often exceed 100 degrees and rain jangan cakaplah, almost non-existent occurence. My gardening activities terhenti buat sementara waktu. Winter memang ditunggu-tunggu and the best thing is kalau hujan especially me and the kids would be so excited yang terlampau.. hehehe.. bayangkan berbulan-bulan tak pernah hujan. FYI, here winter is not as cold as in the Europe. It can be slighty cooler by day but can be very chilly at night. Tak kisahlah tu, it's good enough for me compare to summer yang panjang and perit and can be very depressing . So.. just like any other year, this time I dah mula planning on how to decorate my backyard and front garden. These pics were taken last year.

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