November 05, 2009

Pick a movie and let's watch

There are still a few movies that I haven't watched yet. Some DVDs I bought a few years ago but haven't got the time to watch them. Most of them are love stories, emm... well all of them actually and of course Richard Gere is on top of the list.I prefer to watch it alone since King M is not a fan. Sometimes if there were some good movies for the kids we would bring them to the cinema and the King terpaksalah ikut but I wonder if he really watch or dozing off. Gelap, so I couldn't see well.

Nights In Rodanthe is a MUST- SEE movie. A very moving tale of love and tragedy. Richard Gere and Diane Lane star in this romantic tale. Such a perfect couple for love story movies. Few years back they played a married couple in romantic thriller "Unfaithful". I love that one too. Back to Nights In Rodanthe, it made me cry so much toward the middle and the end of the story. Not only crying I was sobbing lagi...huhuhu, punyelah jiwang. Maklumlah at that time my little Princess baru aje started school and before this we have never been apart. So that contributed to that sedih partlah. Anyway, to those who haven't watched this movie it's highly recommended.
Together, they make a perfect couple. :)

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