November 16, 2009

Birthday Party

Finally.. it was over. Princess K's birthday party was held on Thursday last week. They had an awesome time that night. Even though a day before that they had a camping trip, spending a night in the desert, but everybody was so excited and energetic. The theme was purple and black. Not that easy tho, but I managed to find purple balloons, ribbons for decoration, purple plastic cups, plates, forks and spoons and few other things. Oh..and kebetulan I have scented purple candles too. To make it more lively and fun for the girls I arranged some games that involved dancing with cool and hip hop music. In the end I pulak yang kepenatan but it was worth it seeing the smile on Princess K's face. Happy birthday girl!

Poor Princess E. She got sick when she came back from school that day. She was extremely over-excited about the party but unfortunately for her... :(

But that didn't stop her from enjoying herself...Let's liiiiiimmmmbo!!!!. That's my girl ;).

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