November 16, 2009

Getting down and dirty in the garden

I meant... let's get some hand tools and work in the garden. It's time for me to do some planting. The weather is just perfect for gardening. Having a desert climate with very little annual rainfall, we dont see flowers blooming all year round here. The best time of the year is October to April when the temperatures range from the mid 70's to the high 90's. Once again a short period of winter brings the desert to life. Last weekend I bought some flowers to plant in my garden. Rasa macam nak cekup je semua. Very colourful... I bought some petunias, mini roses, daisy and few others which I don't really remember the names, I was looking for geranium but it was not available yet. Probably next week which I definitely will go shop for flowers again. So this week I'll be busy planting and do some makeover in my garden.

Yellow, white and pink roses.

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