December 23, 2009

Holiday mode

I'm now switching into holiday mode. After almost a week with the kids at home, I think I'm reaching the point where I'm desperately need a break from the usual routine. It would be nice for the kids too, including the King. A vacation from the chores, responsibilities and routine. Basically, the whole purpose of our vacation this time is to refuel, refresh and rejuvenate for the new year.

The kids are so excited especially Princess E. She would wake up in the morning and asked if it was time to go. I guess she needs this break more than me..hahaha. In fact, while I was typing, she came up to me asking why was I still on my laptop and not doing any packing. Be patience my little princess....
We are leaving this Friday to Dubai for a week. The closest destination which is stress-free travel for us. It's only 45 minutes by plane and we will not experience any jet lag and so on.
My wishful thinking...a place with a breathtaking sea view.
Alrighty...I guess I should stop babbling away and off to bed. Will start packing tomorrow... this would make Princess E happy and stop nagging.

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