December 20, 2009

Jalan-jalan on Qatar Inpendence Day

Last Friday 18 Dec. Qatar celebrated its Independence Day. Didn't want to miss the fireworks show in the evening, we braved the rainy cold weather and traffic snarls to reach the spot. It started with a grand parade in the morning but unfortunately we missed that event.

We came early to beat the traffic and parked at souq Waqif. We walked from there.

Walking along the corniche watching the locals parading in their cars, honking and dancing to the Arabic tune. It was quite entertaining and although we had to walk quite a long distance (would say around 3-4km) it didn't feel far at all.

Antic cars exhibition.

It was already dark when we reached the end of the corniche. Some photos of Doha's skyline at night. The corniche was simply amazing that night.

Taking a break from a long walked. Princess E in her stroller. The chill in the air didn't break our spirit to be part of Qatar's National Day celebration.

The fireworks show started at 8pm. We were right at the center making it easier to capture the sceneries. Fireworks fill the night sky over the bay in Doha.

The show was accompanied by music. It was one of the most spectacular ones.

It was worth the wait.


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