December 13, 2009

Gifts on special occasions

The school is closing for christmas holiday and tomorrow will be the last day of school for the kids. Both girls are having class party. Princess K's class will be having a christmas gift exchange. She is so excited about it. I have to prepare some food for them. Cup cakes for Princess E and sausage rolls for Princess K. No more class party for Prince L since he's now in secondary school, but he wished they still could have one.

We already got a cute perfect gift for the christmas gift exchange. Everyone has to bring a gift that costs between QR20-QR30. On that day the class rep will distribute the gift randomly. How exciting and fun that would be. We also bought gifts for her class teacher and for a friend's daughter that will be leaving for her Uni. soon. So last weekend was basically about gifts; from choosing, shopping to wrapping them. Finding a perfect gift can be nerve-racking, the one that the recipient will like and enjoy and also age-appropriate.

I normally wrap the gifts myself , it gives me a chance to be creative and giving me the satisfaction of knowing I created something special for someone. Further more to avoid standing in a line at the department store and wait for an hour to get the gifts wrapped, only to be disappointed at how plain and boring they turn out. It doesn't need a lot of creativity but just some basic know-how.

These are the gifts that I already wrapped. Simple but the ribbons added bright attractive colors to them.

This is for Princess K's teacher

For gift exchange

A farewell gift to a friend's daughter.

Let's explore some gifts presentation tips. (which I gathered from my reading and would like to share it here.)

Gifts are either presented in a gift basket, gift bag, wrapped box, or in a parcel. Presentation is very important which an amazing wrapping will make an inexpensive simple gift extra special and stands out.

For a gift basket, heap , practical and even reusable gift bags are very popular. However simply throwing your gift in a paper bag could make it appear thoughtless.

To make it look more impressive:
Use coordinated tissue paper in the bag - make sure you use plenty of paper for maximum effect
Wrap the gift itself in coordinated wrapping paper or tissue

Add a card to the mix

Wrap ivy or a flower (fake or fresh) around the bags handles for an extra special touch Just a few quick touches can make your gift really stand out!

Wrapped box
Simple gift-wrapping is the most popular way to wrap gifts - for impeccable presentation use:
Quality wrapping paper (Not only it will look better but it is also thicker and will be easier to wrap)
Transparent tape
Lots of ribbon

Silk flowers, fabric ribbons and hand made gift tags will all enhance your gifts. Many find that double side tape is a great way to secure neat flaps at the side of your present.
You can even add a few distinctive touches to suit the occasion:
For a baby gift attach booties to the bow
Use rose petals , confetti , tissue paper
Small Christmas ornaments can be added to ribbons on Christmas presents

Parcel gift
You might wonder if it is still necessary to wrap a present if you are going to post it. The answer is yes - although you might want to opt for simpler wrapping so the presentation does not get spoiled in transit.

Here are a few ideas to make your parcel wrapping more creative:
Use bright coloured shipping popcorn mixed with wrapped sweets
Coloured tissue paper
Dried flowers

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