December 11, 2009

Raining in Doha

Hooray! it's something to talk about. It'll definitely make a front page news. It's not like back home, it can be very unpleasant where the traffic is worse and to add more to it banjir kilat!. For us here, rain is something that everyone is looking forward to after a very long dreadful summer. It clears the air after a series of sandstorms that normally occur during the summer. A sign that winter is finally here. So this morning I woke up, it was gloomy outside and I thought it might rain. The last time was almost a year ago. Imagine that!. We really miss the rain here. Missing the smell of the wet grass after the rain. Princess E was also awake. She was so excited to try her new umbrella and having a splosh, splash in the puddle. It was not pouring, only drizzling but it was enough to make a small puddle in the garden. She was having a blast when others were still sleeping. Princess K surely missed the fun. Well... like what Princess E always says you snooze, you loose! :)))

Just woke up and still in her pjs

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