December 04, 2009

My little fairy, Tinkerbell

Shopping! That's our fav thing to do over the weekend (referring to myself and my 2 girls). Princess E almost everyday asking if I could bring her shopping. This time she wanted a dress AGAIN. I just can't say No to her coz me like shopping too. So we had a girls' day out a day before they started school. Just the 3 of us, girls only!. It's a lot easier with no boys following you around. We could spend as much time as we want from one shop to another. Then in one of the shops, Princess E came running to me with a dress in her hand. Oh no.. not a princess dress again. She knows my weakness, that cute puppy dog face. Always works!! Please mummy, pleasssssss...... How could I say No, she gave me a big smile and said thank-you Mummy, you are the best...wait...I didn't even say yes. Emmm, manipulative yet so adorable.

I'm not a fan of croc shoes (they don't look nice, but agree that they are comfy) but I like the accessories though. Bought 6 pieces of cute croc accessories for the kids.

Taking a break, makan-makan.

There she is with her Tinkerbell dress


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