January 10, 2010

Our weekend

Weekend in Doha is on Fridays and Saturdays. Literally, we had a good start. I've been planning to have a family bbq for quite some time and I thought Thursday afternoon would be a perfect time for us and furthermore I didn't have to send the kids to school (daddy was still on leave), that gave me enough time to get things ready. Maklumlah no helper, anything that can help me settle the kids, that would be so much easier and nicer for me. So everything went well that afternoon even though it was quite windy and chilly outside but having steamboat kept us warm and the food was simply marvellous. Sorry ekk... masuk bakul angkat sendirilah...

Unfortunately...the next day things didn't turn out well. I got very sick. I was down with fever and a very bad headache. Kids weren't happy to see mama all the time in bed. Weekend is no fun if someone in the family gets sick. Well..it's something that you couldn't avoid. I tried to get up and did some cleaning but the headache was killing me. I'm not trying to make it sounds like a big deal, everyone does get sick every now and then. I rarely get sick but when I do I normally fight back and ignore the pain, this time it was different. The pain and the sore throat was unbearable.

Most of the time, I just snuggled up warm and cozy on my lazy chair with my book, catching up on my reading and tried to get as much rest as I could. Lunch and dinner TAPAUlah jawabnye coz the kids and their dad wont go out without me. No fun without me around.

What was actually a good start to a weekend eventually turned out to be all-doing nothing-day. I promised the kids that I would make it up with them next weekend. There are lots of sales going on, my 2 princesses, we'll catch up with it.

Seafood steamboat sungguh menyelerakan lebih-lebih lagi musim sejuk ni.

Tak sabar nak makan. She started without us.

Catching up on my reading since there was nothing else to do.

My princess... thanks for keeping me company and cheering me up during my sickness. Not forgetting my King for helping me out with the kids. Princess K, you such a big help and my only prince for being 'easy'.

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