February 04, 2010

Nasi Dagang

After almost 13 years of being married to a ' Terengganu Kite meng' I finally cooked one of his homeland delicacies, nasi dagang. I quickly texted him that we are having nasi dagang for lunch today. My first attempt turned out to be good, sedak sokmo doh...Well.. for a first timer like me. It might not taste the same like his mom's cooking due to the lack of some ingredients. Anyhoo..the kids love it and the comment from the 'Terengganu kite meng' himself was that I need to improve on the gravy (like I said.. lack of some ingredients) but he still like it. Siap cakap next time we can have bubur lambuk or nasi kerabu. Maybe I should.. once in a while.
So our next cuti-cuti Malaysia, I'll definitely bring back few packs of rempah kuah nasi dagang.

Nasi Dagang Doha


  1. This looks yummy! I'm married to a Tganu Kite Meng for 10 years but never cooked this! hmmm maybe can surprise him during our 10th anniversary next week..hmm good idea eh?

  2. SOHO Mama, it's a good surprise for ur anniversary, my hubby siap balik awal frm the ofice bila dengar I masak nasi dagang, hehehe.

  3. OMG, that nasi dagang looks so yummy!!! i haven't had them in ages..maybe i should try making one.err..except i tak de air tangan 'ganu..camne eh? takut tak jadi plak...hehehe.

  4. Salam Sue, I pun suke nasi dagang, tht was my first time masak, part nasi je yg rumit kot yg lauk tu ok. Kalau u dekat boleh gak I pelawa u mkn, hehehe. thnx 4 dropping by..


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