March 21, 2010

Bringing the outside in

The weather has started to warm up and although it's still nice for gardening, it's not going to last. As it's getting warmer, my garden begins to look gloomy and sad.

The other day when I was outside in the garden, tending my plants and at the same time thinking of a way to save them from 'mati kekeringan' in this weather. An idea struck me. Yes! Why not bringing them inside and create a place for them, like a green house or a garden room. I visualised myself sipping a cup of hot cocoa (don't drink tea or coffee) on a sunny summer day, breezes blowing my hair and sunlight streaming in. What a great pleasure...

At the moment, all the potted plants are in the backyard. Tall trees keep the back area cool and shady, unlike the front yard, sunny and bright. The sun shines directly on the front of the house in the morning so I thought my entrance hall is a perfect place for these plants. This hall receives a healthy dose of light. It would be nicer in a living room with tall French door opening onto a patio or..oh! a conservatory would be perfect too. But at the moment I can just dream.


Beautiful colors spruce up the backyard.

So.. for an avid garderner like me, summer in Doha can be a frustrating season but I'm really looking forward to complete my garden room project. Work is in progress.


  1. Salam,

    nanti dah siap tunjuk tau. i pun tengah planning my garden. tak de idea, satu hapa pun tak buat lagi..hihi.

  2. My project slow sikit, byk sangat selingan, hehe..InsyaAllah dah siap I tunjuk.

  3. just found your blog!
    I decided ...anyone who calls herself "Queen of Dessert" I NEED to follow!!!!
    Your press is great
    and your flowers beautiful!

    xoxo~Kathy @
    Sweet Up-North Mornings...
    Stop over when time permits...
    Love to have you visit!

  4. Hi Kathy, thnx for dropping by & be my follower,ur comment made me smile, great sense of humour..will visit u, have a wonderful day.


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