May 22, 2010

She ain't a kid anymore

She is no longer the little girl she once were. She outgrows her bedroom and most of the stuff in there, done with all the dolls and toys. She passed them down to her little sister. She's ready to put her little kid years behind her.
I think it's about time for a room makeover. She needs a more grown up room that reflects her personal style. Pink is her choice for the wall. It's her favorite color as a little girl, and now, still..
It will be fun things to do together, painting and finding and matching furnitures that suit her sense of style. And of course it's a good opportunity for her to be activley involved in this project.
I'm now looking for some ideas and inspiration before putting things together and start working on the project. I opt for a theme that would last several years. What does a pink room really look like?

Shades of pink. Pic from Country Living magazine.

A pale pink wall. Pic from Country Living magazine. Pink and shade of green is a unique combination.

I still have a ton of photos to share here, but I guess 3 is enough to give me some ideas on how it would look like.

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