May 14, 2010

Taking a break from gardening

Summer is officially here. The weather is too hot and humid and my garden is suffering from the heat. Sad to say that my gardening activity is slowing down and will have to be put on hold for a few months. *Sigh*...

No gardening, it's weekend and I'm just lazy to go anywhere, craving for I baked egg tart for afternoon tea. Well that should keep my mind off my garden for a while.

I took this photo around 8 this morning and it was 38 degree c, extremely hot and humid.

It's time for afternoon tea. I'm taking a break and wish you all a lovely weekend..


  1. pat, your tart look delicious...yummy. today i also baked 2 types of cake...wahahaha....terlebih rajin....very panas ye cuaca di sana sekarang, so rilex di rumah saja ye

  2. Ain.. tetiba rasa nak makan tart. Weather is too hot here, most of the time I prefer to be indoor, tending my indoor plants or baking. macam bagus je bunyi, hehehe...

  3. pat nice mug besides the tart .... he he he


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