May 08, 2010

A love without limit - Happy Mother's Day

I trust everyone is having a wonderful weekend. Just dropping by to share a few inspiring quotes.
A mother's love is like a circle, it has no beginning and no ending. It keeps going around and around ever expanding, touching everyone who comes in contact with it. Engulfing them like the morning's mist, warming them like the noontime sun, and covering them like a blanket of evening stars. A mother's love is like a circle, it has no beginning and no ending. ~ Art Urban.

Mother love is the fuel that enables a normal human being to do the impossible
~Marion C. Garretty.

A mother's love perceives no impossibilities. ~Paddock.

The one thing that I've learned is..
You can't quit being a mother
You can't stop caring,
Loving, worrying, giving and wanting the best for your children
Once a mother, always a mother.

Happy weekend and Happy Mother's Day to all mothers out there.


  1. Happy mother's day to you too pat....the best mother for your kids.....

  2. Thnx Ain, I hope u enjoy ur day with your beloved family.

  3. really enjoy their company, tapi headache wit my tennage daughter. arghhh....sabar sabar n sabar....


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