June 16, 2010

Sharing the summer heat

The fierce and unbearable heat. Summer in the Middle East is hot, humid and agonizing. I'm not trying to be melodramatic but it's something that I've been trying to get used to for the past 8 years. Well..I do complain once in a while, other than that I love the life here, I really enjoy living a laid-back, quiet life in this tiny country.
Living in a desert country, this is something that everyone would expect but you may not be prepared of how hot it can be. There is a funny side to it, watch out for your backside, when using the water spray. There were some funny incidents happened when we first came here. Not me though. Ouchhhh!!! The water is steaming hot.
I'm counting the days. Summer school holiday is just round the corner. A long summer break, the time when people flee abroad. Then again, there's always the bright side to everything. For those who are staying in the summer, :less people, less traffic, good bargains are everywhere, this is the perfect time to enjoy shopping. Happy shopping to those spending their summer time in Doha.
You might be wondering what happend to my gardening activity. I'm having a long break, away from the dirt, soil and sweat. I'm truly missing the blooms, the beautiful colors and fragrances. How I wish I'm now in a different part of the world that are having a lush spring blooms.

Before.. taken a few months back.

Here is what it look like now. Barren...

Colourful blooms...

Missing the colors...


  1. Wish you a wonderful summer holidays and enjoy thing that you like to do most..shopping :-)

  2. Kay, thnx will hv a blast this time.

  3. must be really hot there during summer..yeap wonderful blooms bring colour to our heart and sipping ice lemon tea under the tree will be heaven:)re: thanks, sakit badan still:)


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