August 21, 2010

A pink room tour

I'm settling back into my usual routine. It sounds impossible when the kids are still on school holidays. least I could use an extra pair of hands. Those little hands are always eager to help. They still have a month at home and I guess it's a plenty of time to recharge before they get back to school in mid September. So anyway....picking up where I left off, I think I owe my readers an update on my daughter's room makeover.
I finally hung the curtain rod and put the curtains on. Not that my dearest hubby wouldn't help but I couldn't wait any longer and put everything in place all by myself. As long as I don't have to do any driling on the wall, I'm fine. Just a lil' tiny bit...there's one picture frame that I wanted to hang on the wall. I guess I would have to overcome my fear of the drilling machine and would have to do it myself. Or... on second thought I just wait for dearest hubby (he is not into DIY at all so...)
Back to the room..I don't have the pre-makeover photos but only a few photos that I had taken while the painting work was in progress. There were absolutely no major renovation involved. All I did was repainting, rearranging some of the furniture and adding some details that creates a cozy ambience.
Photos below were taken during the painting process. I had to move the furniture bit by bit and the room was in disarray. It was a week of hard work. Well..once I started, I couldn't stop anymore.

Before the bed was relocated.

Move on....

A very warm welcome to you.....

She likes reading.

We love this bead curtains.

It's bed time. Sweet dreams....


  1. pat, nice work. btw, i really (2x) like the bedsheet. is it from doha or mesia?. wat a question to ask kan! chittt....

  2. Hi Ain, Thnx...tht bedspread was frm M'sia and I love it too, it goes well with the pink wall.
    Sue...thnx for the sweeetttt comment :-)


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