September 03, 2010


Hi..I have been a bit lazy updating the blog. My excuse is I'm too busy with the kids, cooking, cleaning, tidy up the house yada, yada.... hence allow me little time to access my laptop. I find it's hard to keep up with it nowadays. I work with my LT most of the time in my room but today I brought it to my kitchen. Multitasking so to speak... So folks...I'm blogging live from my kitchen. Sambil-sambil masak bubur kacang+jagung and there will be breaks for iklan in between.
Revisit my last post about the pink room, K actually shares her room with her lil' sis. They are not only sharing the room but also share the same passion for pink.

They adore each other. There is about 7 years difference between them. K is quite protective over her sister. Huge gap between them doesn't stop them from doing things together like watching tv, playing games or listening to the music. She reads bedtime stories to her too. That's one of the benefits having the older sister. It gives me some extra time to do my own reading before bedtime. And of course there are times when they fight. Well...sisters fight. Princess E can sometimes shows her diva side. K sometimes finds her sister a bit annoying but loves her dearly...
As you go along, you will find lots of pinky girly toys that belong to Princess E. More pink on her side of the bedroom.

This is her side of the bedroom.

Princess sleeps in a pink canopy.

More pink

I guess that's all. Bubur kacang pun dah ready. Selamat berbuka puasa untuk semua...

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