November 16, 2010

Let's take it outside

Cooler weather is setting in and the days are getting shorter. It has been a long, endless hot summer but these few days the weather has started to cool down. It's a sign that summer is slipping away. A great time of the year to get back outside and enjoy the cool evenings. After a few months break from gardening, it's about time to put on my gloves and dig the dirt and turn my barren garden into a paradise again. I'm so ready and full of excitement.
Most afternoon, I'll be busy planting, doing a bit of cleaning, laying out plans for my garden and creating a little getaway in my backyard. It would be nice to have a little space where I can escape for a few minutes, sipping a cup of hot cocoa , flipping through a good magazine and enjoying the nice cool breeze of winter. One of life's greatest pleasures.
So..... my hubby and I went plant shopping yesterday. We visited a few nurseries. There are so many seasonal flowers at this time of the year, selling like hot cakes. Too many of them with gorgeous colors made it hard to choose. Well...if you can't decide, just take them all. I ended up buying loads of them.

Thought I'd share them here.

These should keep me busy for a while.

My little helper at work.

Break time...

Little bird's nests. Maybe we can do bird watching later. But for now I have tons of works to do in the garden. Have a wonderful day....


  1. Truely awesome..can almost smell it from here:)

  2. MTM, yes they make a great addition to my porch. :-)

  3. Dear Queen..thanks for the good comment..must tring but rewarding ya:)whatever decision we want to take in life must suit our own situation..with that i kena bersyukur ada kerja dan rezki..but still teringin nak tanam banyak bunga macam you:)take care..happy gardening:)


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