December 13, 2010

Be my guests

What have I been up to lately? I've been super busy gardening and enjoying the nice cool weather. At the same time I was inspired to create a little getaway for my family.
If the kids couldn't find me anywhere in the house, they might probably find me here...

At my front porch or.....

at my back porch.

These are my favorite spots. Whenever things get a little crowded inside or whenever I need a break, these are the places that I would love to be. Having a little time on my own, enjoying my garden from my porch, listening to the birds chirping, I'm lost in my own world...forgetting that I have some chores to do inside. It's simply refreshing...

I know there's always someone missing me if I'm not around. So... I have a special seat ready for her. She knows just where to find me. As much as I needed time alone, I actually enjoy her company. A place where the two of us having a little chat or watching her running around chasing birds or cycling. Soon, the rest will also come and join us on this tiny little porch and it makes the day even better. We could spend the whole day hanging out here, having breakfast then lunch, dinner or just enjoying a snack while having a nice conversation. Everyone is eager to share their stories on this tiny little porch. I wouldn't trade this moment for anything else and I'm so grateful for having to share it with my loved ones.
Grab a seat. There's enough room for everyone to join in.


  1. cantik sekali yur garden. now all the bunga2 dah berkembang. have fun wit yur family

  2. Ain, it's blooming season in Doha, the best time of the yr. wish u and ur family a wonderful day.


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