February 13, 2011

Princess Stephanie Tisdale

Last Thursday, Princess E had an Inspire Workshop at her school. Parents were invited to participate. She was so excited and kept reminding me about it. When the day finally arrived....she woke up so early and went to school with tremendous enthusiasm and joy.

Still early, waiting for some other parents to arrive.

The theme was Making Sock Puppets. It was a great opportunity for both parents and the kids to work together and be creative. We were given about an hour to make a puppet and a background board. The kids got to choose their own theme. Princess E chose fairy tale theme for her puppet. It was absolutely a wonderful experience for both moms and children. We had so much fun. I got so caught up with it, I didn't realise how fast the time went by.

Everyone managed to finish their puppets on time. Here they are, eager to show off their excellent works.

And here is Princess E with her puppet. Look at the puppet's hair, so curly....her favorite hairstyle.

She called her puppet Princess Stephanie Tisdale. Notice the crown on its head. So everyone... there's a new princess in da house.


  1. Salam Queen- I look at your enries and i love so many things- your beautiful white sofa,your fresh cut flowers in the gorgeous jug,yr wonderful blooms especially yr sunflower and geranium,yr mouth watering dessert and of course your sweet and cute Princess E:) The workshop looks wonderful and she is lucky to have that opportunity;)anddd i like the macaroons..i can't eat many though as it is too sweet but i love looking at it bright colours and willing to buy just to make my tea table look wonderful;:):)Salam maulidur Rasul ya.

  2. Salam MTM, Thanks for the lovely comments, we share the same passion and I'm glad...salam maulidur Rasul, kat sini tak sambut, there's no holiday.


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