February 16, 2011

Sport Day.

Another exciting week for Princess E. Yesterday was a sport day for KS1. Everybody wore their new house team t-shirts. Red, blue, yellow, purple, green and orange, a very colourful day indeed. E is in Unicorn team which is yellow. Go Unicorn!!!
Princess E in action..

At the rest station, to recharge for the next game.
The school has been introducing the carousel system since last year. This is how the system works... children are given opportunity to gather points for their house, competing in a carousel of activities. House teams race alongside each other across 10 different relay based work stations.
Parent were given more freedom to move around the events with their children to cheer them on. I was with my camera all the time, taking photos of every single race she participated. I had a great time cheering and waiting for her at the finishing line telling her how great she was. Every child has an equal chance of success, compete as part of a team and races in every event. Therefore there is no fear of being judged by their peers or the dissapointment of not winning a race. It is absolutely a great system, couldn't agree more. More fun, friendly and child centred approach.

Waiting for the result, and the winner goes to....... the blue team. Congratulation!!

Although Princess E's team came 4th, it doesn't matter if they win or lose, all that matters was she had a great time. They are having half term break for 2 days starting from today. A long weekend for us and a good break for the kids.

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