February 22, 2011

One free-afternoon

It's harvesting time. Sweet corns and white pumpkins are ready for harvest. I needed extra helping hands in the garden. Since the kids didn't have much things to do during the 2 days half term break, I thought it would be nice to get them involved in the garden.
Kids usually aren't really excited with the gardening chores, but when I asked if they could help me, to my surprise, they jumped with joy, grabbed their hats and ran out into the garden. Not a bad idea after all.

The 2 girls were busy at work. E, bubbly as always...busy telling her sister not to help her as she wanted to do things by herself. I could tell that they were having fun.

Good work E!

Green and healthy cabbage.

Fruits of labor.
The next time, there is a free-afternoon, I would surely enjoy their company again, this time we'll be collecting flowers and some vegetables too.

Now it's time to enjoy the fruits of our own labor. Yummy sweet corns.... Spread it with butter and salt. Tasted so good!!!.

She must be tired and hungry after all the hard work.
Just another note to share about my garden art project. I have a batch of pressed flowers that is ready to use and still pressing some more. Hopefully I could start working on it any time soon.

Whilst I was busy pressing flowers, K reading her new book that I just got her.
What was E up to.....?

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  1. wow, semua tu ditanam kat dalam kaw rumah.... salut habis. :)


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