February 27, 2011

Sunday Favorite

I trust everyone had a great weekend. Speaking of which, our weekend was just wonderful and relaxing. Time flies so fast, before you know it, it's Sunday again. Kid's are back to school and I'm home with my daily chores.
Sunday (is the first day of the week in the Middle East) has never been my favorite day, but today onwards I vow making it interesting just like any other day. To jump start my morning, apart from my morning ritual, I enjoy beautiful things around me and get inspired by them. Even the smallest thing can brighten up my day.
I have some photos to share here, things that inspire me and hopefully it does the same to you.

All photos are from Country Living.
Gorgeous tablesetting, aren't they? I'm thinking of a nice brunch in the garden. It's just the start of the week, and I'm already looking forward to another wonderful weekend.


  1. cantik gambar. hehhehe at first i thought kek tu Pat yang baked, baru nak minta recipe nya. anyway, nice photo to start my day also. tq Pat

  2. Ain tq..glad u like the photos.recipe yg dulu I tak bagi lagi :-).

  3. Salam QTD, Gorgeous pictures you have here,inspires me as well,i love looking at beautiful things too especial the garden,home deco etc:)My, i envy yr garden so much;) the corns look millions,the feeling must be millions to yaa..very therapeutic entry you have here;)

  4. MTM, I like gardening, I get a great sense of satisfaction seeing my efforts bloom and grow and also being able to enjoy the food with my family, fresh from my own garden. I'm glad tht those pics inspire you and I hope you have a wonderful day. Thnks... :-)


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