March 10, 2011

Alone at last...

Happy Thursday everyone. Weekend is fast approaching and I'm guessing everyone, espescially moms are really looking forward to it with great anticipation.
It's a quiet Thursday for me here. By quiet, I mean unusually quite. Today Everyone has a plan. Even Princess E has plan. She's having a play date at her friend's house. K has a disco night organized by the sixth form charities committee for year 7 & 8. While my prince is having a sleepover at his friend's.
The house is so quiet, so quiet you could hear a pin drop. doesn't happen often and I might as well embrace every minute of it. Me, alone at last.....
I'm taking things easy, unwind myself, de-stress and chill-out. A day where I have all the time in the world to do things that I like to do. Noone can go on full throttle without a break. Can you? So let's take a moment...deep breath and relax.... Put down the umbrella and enjoy the sunshine.

I have the whole house by myself. I could catch up with my reading and a bit of time playing and experimenting with my camera. I took a couple of test shots and in the end I figured out things that I should and shouldn't have done. Ahhhh!! I should have turned off the flash. Above are the shots that I like most. Enjoy....


  1. Sue, sekali2 duduk rmh without kids around, truly is bliss :-)

  2. Hehe sounds so blissful :)) The Undomestic Goddess is a hilarious read!! :)) Great choice!!

  3. hi LPC don't u just love sophie kinsella :-)

  4. Salam QOTD,it still Wednesday here;lovely shots you have here and so peacefull to have the house by yrself ya..i love SK too..once you hold it can't never put it down until habis;)


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