March 31, 2011

Cheesy treat for cheese lovers

Just a quicky! I have a treat for you today. I made this super duper delicious dessert this morning. Simply irresistible. My kids absolutely love this cheesecake. A simple recipe given to me by a very good friend. I think this is one of the easiest cheesecake's recipe that I've ever made. I've received quite a number of recipes from my friends, they insisted me to try them, and of course for the love of cheese, I won't turn them down. So, for the next couple of weeks, let's get cheesy yall. One recipe each week, seriously? Hmmmmmm......???

Doesn't it look yumm-a-licious...?

Here's the recipe, just incase you're wondering what it tastes like. :-)


250 gm cream cheese

150 gm butter

150 gm condense milk

I50 gm castor sugar

1 small can of nestle cream

1 pack of butter biscuits/choc finger biscuits

Fresh milk

Method: Beat cream cheese, butter and sugar until smooth and well-blended. Add condense milk,nestle cream . Stir until all ingredients have blended well. Place parchment paper onto a baking dish,grease with butter. Spread the cheese mixture into the baking dish evenly (depending on how thick you want the layer to be), dip the biscuit one by one and arrange them on top. Spread the cream cheese again and repeat the layering process until the mixture is finished. Fridge it for a few hours or until firm.

Walla!!!! Ready to be served.


  1. hi,

    for nestle cream tu kan can it be replace with thickened cream?


  2. Anon, I think it should be fine, just tht nestle cream contains less fat. selamat mencuba..


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