May 02, 2011

Blooming' Tuesday

My gardening activity is kinda slowing down a bit nowadays. The weather can sometimes rise to 40 degree c. But it's still early to hang my gardening gloves and store the spade though. Not just yet. Till then I still have a few blooms to enjoy and share them with you here.
It's gotten warm outside, my pansies won't survive the heat. So I brought them indoors. I'm not sure how long more they would stay but they seem happy for now.

And others that are struggling in the heat.

A sun lover, bougainvillea.

Lovely lobelia.

Let's see more beautiful blooms on Bloomin' Tuesday at


  1. Beautiful blooms this week, thanks for sharing. :)

  2. Beautiful photos of beautiful blooms. I love the color of the yellow begonia. Great Bloomin' Tuesday post! Jean

  3. Calling by as a Bloomin Tuesday participant and also to thankyou for the kind words you left about my entry. Considering where you live your garden still has lots of colour.

  4. Love seeing what is in your garden. Feel free to send some of the warm air my way..

  5. Wow! you really meant 40°C didn't you. That's very hot. You have some lovely strong colours which I betyou need in the strong sunlight. Christina

  6. Hi Suffia! Thank you for visiting my blog! Your flowers are really beautiful and gorgeous. :)

    Hugs, PuteriFauziah


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