January 26, 2012


Good morning sunshine! It's cold and sunny. Cloudless blue sky. Perfect day to soak up the sun and do a little gardening chores. Lots in blooms this week, petunias, marigolds, countless of cosmos and sunflowers. There seem to be a lot of honeybees visiting the garden this year.

Sunflowers are popping up everywhere. Let's check out what's buzzin' in the garden.

Working  in the garden amidst  the bees, trying not to get in their ways. They seemed too busy to notice my presence, easier  for me to take a closer shot. Cosmos are not only their favorite but they are mine too.

Honeybees are known as gardeners' friend. So bee nice!

My old BBQ turned planter filled with red, purple and pink petunias.

Nasturtium.  Wondering why there aren't  any bees buzzin' around or maybe they had enough of me following them.  I should buzz off.
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  1. lot of colours in your garden sofia....so beautiful :)

  2. Suffia! Cetainly a bright post to bring some sunshine to those who live with grey winter sky.
    I am enjoying all the blossoms and sunshine and blue skies here in Arizona!

  3. Hi Suffia,
    Your flowers are so lovely. I'm hosting Fresh-Cut Friday this Friday.
    I thought that I would remind you since you commented that you wanted to join in. :)

    Have a lovely week!

    1. Hi Liz,
      Thanks for dropping by. I'm looking forward to join your linky party this Friday. Thanks again for reminding me.

  4. The flowers are so bright and vibrant, beautiful.

    May I link your blog to mine, Suffia? TQ


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