February 02, 2012


This was my attempt to capture some blues around the house. I've been wanting to do this for a while and never really had the time.  Since this week I had a bit more free time than usual so I figured it was a perfect time to get it all done with.  For the past few days, I've been busy with a camera in my hands, capturing any blue objects that caught my eyes,  from one room to another and even outside in the garden. Getting to know my camera and figuring which settings to use, thing is I don't read  manuals. I find it easier learning through trial and error. There are some little things that I'm not sure off  up till now but hey, will get there eventually. I probably have too many photos to share with you here.
Let's start off with blues in the garden.

What better way to finish the day with a cup of tea. Till then....
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  1. Feeling blues ?? But I love the lamp and your blue vase, the middle one (with the blurred vase in front)

  2. Hello...lovely photos and your header with the beautiful geranium !! Send some sunshine over to chilly UK please haha ! have a nice weekend...Gail x

  3. hye there...may i know you guna camera apa? very nice picture..i like!

  4. Hi Suffia,
    Your blues are wonderful. I especially love the pitcher and bowl and blue teacup! Love your header too! Thanks for sharing and have a great weekend.



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