January 17, 2010

Movie time

January 17, 2010
Weekend...another quality family outing. This is why I love weekend, we got to do fun things together as a family.
As promised, on Friday, we went to the cinema and watched Alvin and the Chipmunks: the squeakquel. A movie for both kids and parents. It was a great family fun from start to finish. Especially the appearance of the chippetts. I love the scene when they danced to the 'Single Lady' tune, similar to that Beyonce's hip-wiggling. Cute and sexy moves.

Still had lots of time after the movie. What else to do?? There were lots of sales going on and as usual I would never miss a chance. I have a little obsession with children's clothing, shoes and anything cute and girly stuff. The prices were extremely low, 50% discount and by giving some personal details I got 20% additional discount. Really tempting! Oh well... let just think of it as a kind of therapy... *wink*

Dah selesai shopping, lapar of course....when it comes to choosing a place to eat, everyone has their own preference. In the end, we decided to dine at Legenda, Holiday Villa. One of the 2 Malaysian Restaurants in Doha. A nice and quiet place to relax and end the day...

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