February 01, 2010

A date with Simon

It's tonight at 7pm Qatar time. Simon, Simon Who? Yep! Simon Cowell, The American Idol judge who's popular with his blunt and brutally honest criticisms. Always eager to hear what's Simon gonna say. Tak kisahlah how brutal his comment is.. I just adore his British accent. If it's not because of him I wouldn't have glued myself in front of the tv for 2 consecutive nights (Tuesday and Wednesday). And for that, I'm being extra nice letting my kids watching tv on school night. After all it's only for an hour.

Princess K pun a fan. Not a fan of Simon but suke sangat with Paula Abdul. Now Paula is no longer with the show. She likes Paula because she was always sweet and hates Simon for his mean comments . She makes sure she's ready an hour before it starts, gets her homework done and puts her pjs on.

Tepat 7pm masing-masing tercangak depan tv even my hubby pun join sekali. Tulah aktiviti kite orang on these 2 nights. Habis je the show cepat-cepat tuck them into bed coz esok kena bangun awal. Don't wanna be late for school.

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