March 28, 2010

Garden-clean up day.

The weather is nice today. It's a perfect day for garden-clean up. This morning after dropping the kids to school I was out in my garden, did a bit of cleaning and harvesting some little flowers to be pressed. We had a bit of rain early this morning, that should keep the garden happy for a while. At least this would cool down the temperature for a day or two.

All dried flowers have been removed. Will plant something that can thrive in the summer heat.

Jasmine would last a bit longer probably before the summer heat hits.

Some flowers that I've collected. Waiting to be pressed. Making full use of what left in the garden.

A little something that I found to brighten up my garden. I just love these Moroccon glass lantern candle holders. Is not complete without red and orange. Would get them next time.

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