May 03, 2010

So many things, so little time

What a busy weekend we had especially when you have kids to entertain... There was a movie outing, baking and a birthday party. So many things with so little time.

First, a little something to share from my garden. My hubby and I just found out that the tree that has been in our backyard even before we moved here 8 years ago bares fruits that actually can be eaten. My hubby was told by a man that came to fix our house the other day. We were kinda surprised. Just a few days before that I saw the exact same fruits sold in the souq (market) and wondering what it actually was but never bothered to ask. I spend most of my time everyday in the garden and yet I didn't even noticed that we have it in our very own backyard. I guess I need to get to know my garden well. We called it a desert fruit. I'll try to find out the name later. The fruits are tasteless and I don't like it.

The desert fruits as we called it. When the fruits get too ripe and dry, the skins open and the seeds pop out and fall to the ground.

Apart from our new finding, It was Princess E's birthday on Saturday. She turned 5 on the 1st May. How cool is that. I was in labour pain on a Labour Day. A good reason to have a big celebration and of course she deserves to be treated like a princess on her special day.

Being a princess is every girl's dream. Princess E having her day, dressing up as a princess. Little does she know that she is always the princess of our hearts. Her birthday wish was that everyone in the family could be her best friends forever and every single day is her birthday. Happy Birthday sweety and may all your wishes come true....

Celebrating her birthday with friends at school.


  1. Happy Mothers Day to you and
    Happy Birthday to Miss'E!
    xoxo~Kathy @
    Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  2. Hi Kathy, Thnks..Happy Mothers Day to you too, hope you hv a great weekend :-)



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